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Why Use a Black Car Limo?

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Why Use a Black Car Limo?


This is not “your father’s Oldsmobile.”  Our Black Car Service offers a luxury class atmosphere with high-tech accommodations. Because we’re fully aware that business is no longer confined to your cubicle or your corner office. Let’s face it…Globalization is here to stay. Meaning, you go where the money is. Yes, you follow the money around the globe. So, free wifi is now considered a necessity while traveling. Because the average business traveler sitting in our Black Car Limo is either on their cell phone texting and communicating with their party, or they’re on their laptop closing an important business deal. But…if their laptop is low on battery. Can you even imagine…riding in a taxi or cab without a USB port and 110-volt outlet to charge your mobile device or laptop? OMG!  And let’s not even talk about music and inconsiderate chauffeurs.  Because…can you imagine not having access to the “control audio”…from the rear? Can you imagine not having “climate-controlled seats”… while you are perspiring? Well, these are just a few of the perks that a Black Car Service provides their loyal customers. In other words, “Black Car = “A-League by Itself.” That is correct. You will be treated Special. And you will leave feeling Special…and not ripped off.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the vehicle-for-hire industry has escalated it’s cleaning procedures in an attempt to increase traveler confidence and secure the safety of our customers. Therefore, due to the transference of germs and energy, commonly touched items [i.e. magazines, catalogs, books, and (shared) hand sanitizer] have been removed permanently from our vehicles. And in its place, you will find single bottles of hand sanitizer and face mask which our customers are more than welcome to keep. We would also like our customers to be aware of the fact, that our vehicles are immaculately cleaned before and after every appointment.

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